Digetail Analytics

Our team has over 20 years experience in Commerce and online retail channel marketing helping global brands drive growth and category share within their retail and channel partner network.
We can source daily retail and channel eCommerce data to help brands effectively analyse and measure their online presence and performance against their category competition.
Our data-as-a-service solutions support global eCommerce and retail channel operations across EMEA, North America and Asia Pacific. Our data complements brands’ existing eCommerce and digital shelf analytics to “gap-fill” missing retail and channel eCommerce partner network coverage for digital shelf and eCommerce performance metrics.
Digetail Analytics data-as-a-service category coverage spans SmartPhones, SmartHome, SmartWatches, Consumer Electronics and Licensed Merchandise Categories including Fashion & Homeware.
Our successful track record of working with major global brands, gives us a unique perspective on market data that can provide brands with a true competitive advantage.

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Our senior management team have over 20 years experience in eCommerce and technology solutions

Andy Gilbert

Andy Gilbert

Managing Director

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Martin Edwards

Commercial Director

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Graeme Pieterz


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