SmartPhone Retail eCommerce Data Services

Our Process

Digetail Analytics specialise in SmartPhone eCommerce data collection to help handset manufacturers measure eCommerce and digital shelf performance across key carrier & retail partner sites.

We collect full category assortments of pay monthly contract and SIM free data including:

  • Product content breakdowns
  • Pricing
  • Promotion
  • Product availability
  • Brand share of voice positioning
  • Rating and reviews
  • Paid advertising placement
  • Keyword search placement (share of search)

Our carrier & retail partner site coverage spans EMEA, North America & APAC. 

We can integrate SmartPhone eCommerce data into various cloud storage ecosystems including Google Cloud and data visualisation apps including PowerBI and Tableau or we can explore custom API integrations with existing digital shelf analytics partners. 

Our Budget Plan

Pricing Plan

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$45 USD Per Month
  • 5 PPC Campaigns Per Day
  • 10 Digital Marketing
  • 10 Marketing Agency
  • 10 Facebook Marketing
  • 10 Video Camplaigns
$99 USD Per Month
  • 50 PPC Campaigns Per Day
  • 100 Digital Marketing
  • 100 Marketing Agency
  • 100 Facebook Marketing
  • 100 Video Camplaigns
$199 USD Per Month
  • 5 PPC Campaigns Per Day
  • Unlimited Digital Marketing
  • Unlimited Marketing Agency
  • Unlimited Facebook Marketing
  • Unlimited Video Camplaigns